Upcoming SQF Edition 9 Training

Implementing SQF Systems-Edition 9 Training will provide participants with an understanding of the revised SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing Edition 9 (SQFI). Participants will learn how to successfully implement or update SQF Systems in preparation for 3rd party SQF certification or re-certification audits.

Along with meeting new requirements from GFSI, SQFI also worked to improve the structure and organization of the code, remove duplication of requirements and address feedback obtained from stakeholders through the most recent survey.

Some of the new changes to the SQF Code Ed 9 include:

  • In the Management Responsibility section of the SQF Edition 9 Code, is that in addition to the primary SQF practitioner, there must also be a substitute practitioner. Both the primary SQF Practitioner and the substitute Practitioner must meet the training and competence requirements and job position requirements.
  • Added the requirement to implement a Food Safety Culture
  • Label reconciliation requirement added
  • Additional requirements for internal laboratories conducting food safety testing to meet the relevant requirements of 17025
  • Some requirements in the code have been reorganized and move from one section to another
  • Changes to the scoring of audits
  • Eliminated the requirement for desk audit
  • Changes to audit duration

This course covers the requirements of the SQF Code Ed 9 Food Manufacturing, the pre-requisite programs and the food quality and safety plans. Importantly, participants will learn how to implement, maintain and audit the SQF system. This training is aimed at individuals involved in preparation, implementing SQF systems and SQF Practitioners.

An understanding of the application of HACCP principles is prerequisite for anyone attending.

On completion of this training you will have a full understanding of the SQF program and meet the SQF training requirements to be designated as an SQF PractitionerIMPLEMENTING SQF SYSTEMS-EDITION 9
– August 15-16, 2023; 9:00 AM-5 PM (Eastern time)
– October 5-6, 2023; 9:00 AM-5 PM (Eastern time)
– November 14-15, 2023; 9:00 AM-5 PM (Eastern time)
Location: Virtual
Course fee: $ 800 US