Environmental Monitoring Program

This one-day course will provide delegates with an understanding of the key components of an environmental monitoring programme to identify potential microbiological risks in production and open product areas; in addition to explaining different sampling methods and key elements of a corrective action procedure. This is particularly useful when implementing an environmental monitoring programme based on the global standard for Food Safety Issue 8 requirements and industry best practices.

The FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food rule requires producers of Ready To Eat (RTE) foods to implement  an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) to reduce contamination risks. Our course will show you how to meet FSMA requirements.

Per FDA’s 2017 Draft Guidance to industry, the goal of an EMP is to verify the effectiveness of your control programs, find any harborage sites and ensure that corrective actions have eliminated the pathogns and harborage sites when found in a plant.

Who Should Register?

 This training course is particularly aimed at technical and quality personnel; auditors and consultants. 


8: 00 AM – 5:00 PM)


  • Understand the regulatory requirements
  • Identify the steps for a successful Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Understand the required sanitation controls for a successful Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Learn how to implement, manage testing protocols, map the results and take appropriate corrective actions to eliminate environmental pathogens.