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Upcoming Product Safety Culture Training

Course description 

 An Approach to Product Safety Culture is an industry focused course, considering organisational culture, leadership and behavioural concepts; inclusive of and generic to all BRCGS Global Standards, in addition to the global market for application to any manufacturing facility – regardless of business size or whether sites have a product scope of food or non-food related goods/ services. By attending this 1-day course participants will gain the fundamental understanding of the importance of a positive approach to product safety culture at a site and the important role played by senior management leadership, understand the impact of attitudes and behaviour on product safety culture and demonstrate preparatory steps in developing a Product Safety Culture Plan, including how to engage staff and encourage their involvement. To complete the course, participants will need to submit a product safety plan as a workplace assignment, meeting the assessment criteria with 75% as a passing grade.

Key learning objectives 

– Describe the concept of Product Safety Culture and why a positive culture is important to ensuring product safety and integrity

– Identify what the standards require, and the function of Product Safety Culture Plan within a QMS 

– Recognize the link between behaviour, Product Safety Culture and how it underpins product safety assurance

– Discuss how to measure an organisation’s Product Safety Culture through the use of tools and techniques

– Develop a sustainable Product Safety Culture action plan and how to engage staff to support it

Who should attend: Consultants/Auditors/Technical/HR/Senior Management who lead on culture, Operational, Technical & Quality staff, BRCGS & Industry Professionals or anyone involved in implementing and maintaining Product Safety Culture.

Duration: 1 Day


January 30, 2023

May 29, 2023

Location: Virtual

Course fee: $ 795